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Where is the content coming from being added to my blog ? And is it duplicate content that my rankings can get penalized for?


As for your content.. As promised, we would syndicate content from around the web on to your blog.

Meaning that it is content written by others which many of the large outlets do like, and many others.

As for legalities, you have nothing to worry about because if you notice, below each article, there is a attribution that gives credit to the source of the article..

So this is not stealing, rather you are providing another channel to be able to syndicate content to more people.

This way you benefit from having up to date content, and the source benefit from their word/content being pushed out to more people.

You won't be penalized for it because you are giving attribution to the main source. However sometimes Whether Google or not, can look at such content as being NOT original. However this should not hurt your rankings because again, attribution is there and Google knows that this is your way of saying something along the lines of:

"OK Google, I am only sharing this content, I know it is not mine, and it came from a third party source and here is my attribution to prove it and play by your rules"


Why do we syndicate content as opposed to manually writing original content ?

There are 2 main reasons for this:


Our purpose to help you kick-start your business on the right path.

What most successful blogs do is a mixture of both. They have original content that the Admins themselves write or they outsource it.

They also have related content that is added from other sources. (What we do for you)

The reason for this is simple. You want to provide a mixture styles of content to keep your audience engaged and stay longer on your blog.

Why send visitors who are already on your blog somewhere else.

By providing a mixture of both you are increasing your reader's engagement and in turn, those other blogs might potentially share your content as well.

The way you are increasing engagement is by having content from different authors including yours on your blog. This means you are providing different styles of writing, which also means you are attracting different kinds of people instead of just one.

So what we are doing is getting you started with content from around the web that always updates from time to time with new content on to your blog.

And we also recommend that you putting a hand in your business and also write or outsource original content and publish it to your blog.

I was doing this until about 2010. Once I gained popularity and started focusing solely on selling my own products and services. This is when I removed all the third party content and kept my own only. You can do this too once you reach a certain level in your career.


When it comes to blogging, the way to attract visitors to keep coming back is you have to get used to you always having fresh content. More importantly, how frequent you write your content also dictates how many visitors will return.

For example: publishes a blog post every Monday. My reader, and subscribers know this and I try my best to make sure I have a post out every Monday. (NOTICE HOW I SAID "TRY")

If one Monday I did not have time to release content, I get hate mail :) people asking me what's going on.. it's true!

What I am trying to tell you is that we're all human and we are not perfect. This means that you cannot guarantee that you will always periodically update your blog with content.

So by having content from around the web, it solves this problem. SO even on the days or weeks where you do not publish new content, you at least have up to date content from around the web which should keep your new and returning visitors happy knowing you have new content for them to read.

I hope this explains to you in depth the reasoning behind adding content from third party sources and why it is actually a good thing for bloggers!

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