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My Blog has yet to generate any revenue/income. Why ?


We know that not everyone will make money.

Of course no one can make such a promise to you for a dollar amount that you will make unless you are working for some for an hourly wage..

However, making OR not making money is completely at the hands of the customer and here are all the reasons as to why:

We integrate the design, content, income streams, and traffic for you that we know works, and have worked for us and many others, simply speaking "we know the system works".

With the income streams added; you can make money from Adsense, affiliate networks like Amazon and Commission Junction Etc...

For example we are well aware that not every visitor that comes to your blog will buy something from Commission Junction, and that goes for Amazon and everything else on your blog and in any business. You cannot dictate what, how much, or how little you will make from each sector of a business.

In you case sectors stand for the "multiple income streams added"

However while those income streams will drive some sales some days, we have noticed that Adsense/Alternative to Adsense will make you consistent earnings overtime versus the rest...

So to answer your question, this is the concept of it all, now whether you will make money or not is absolutely in your hands.

However these income streams we have integrated are a secondary income to come in every now and then as we are relying heavily on Adsense/Alternative kicking in once traffic increases and producing that consistent income for you.

Time and time again Adsense/Alternative has been a winner for us and our clients.

At the same time, we do provide training on traffic and getting content written if you ever choose to get your own content written.

It is a good idea to get content written for yourself as well to mix it up..

During our BETA when we first released AM2.0, those who were serious about this affiliate business, utilized every training we had and made it work..

Many of them were making anywhere between $20/day all the way up to $490/day and more...

At the end of the day, YES we're doing all the work for you as promised, but let's be serious, anyone sitting back expecting to magically make money will never make money.

My promise that I made to you stays the same, which is: "I will work with you until you are profitable."

However working with someone meaning that me and my team will help you in your journey as you also need to keep up with and maintain everything we did for you and everything we have given you (training)..

Rather it is not meant for people to send in a ticket every week saying why haven't I made money yet. These type of people will never make money. I am not implying in any way that you are doing that at all, I am just giving you an example of what the term "Working with you until you're profitable" means...

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