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How come I do not see adscend media on my blog ?


Even though we require the login details for Adscend Media, however this source of income remains completely optional and deactivate it by default and here is why:

This type of revenue the way it works is upon a visitor arriving to your blog and reads your content, a popup window appears half way through the content/article limiting the visitor from reading your entire content unless they take part in one of the offers that are displayed on that popup window displayed by Adscend Media.

So the offer the visitor takes part in acts as the incentive to letting your visitor read the rest of the content/article they originally came to read on your blog.

These offers could be anywhere from entering an email/lead gen, to entering a zip code, or signing up for some free programs.

Because of the nature of this; most visitors end up just leaving your blog because not many wants to be forced to take part in an offer just so that they can read a piece of content/article.

Therefore this is something that you would want to test on your blog and we can set it up for you by request.

Just send in a support ticket asking us to activate Adscend media for you. After we process your request, Adscend Media will become active on your blog right away.

After that, if you ever wanted to deactivate it, all you have to do is click on "deactivate" from the plugins section of your blog's wp admin panel.

Hope this article helped you understand why you do not see any Adscend Media offers/incentives on your blog.

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