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How Much Money/Profit Can I Make With Affiliate Maverick 2.0


I get asked this a lot however you need to understand all of the moving parts that plays a big part in determining your earning potential.

Please understand that I am in no way trying to NOT give you an answer because I will.

The reason why I cannot give you an estimate on how much money you will make is because it all depends on many factors including but not limited to:

  1. Will you use our traffic methods to drive more traffic
  2. Will You have patience to let the FREE traffic we get you do it's job and build up over time
  3. Are you going to leave your blog dormant and depend only on what we do for you or will you put a hand in it and take part in building your business as well.

Plus, let's take for example Google Adsense. I have sites/blogs that I send FREE traffic to using same methods I will use for you.

One day Google pays me $3 per click and I get about 10 clicks, next day Google decides to pay me $0.20/click and I only get about 5 clicks for that day.

Same goes with ClickBank; one day I make a commission, some times for a week I don't get a commission, then I get 5 commission the next day all in one day.

And same goes with all the other income streams.

They are all random and this is how it is with any and every business.

OUR GOAL is to get you to at least 100 visitors per day ASAP. That's 3,000 visitors per month without you doing any work on your part to getting traffic.

This much traffic a month can build you a Good solid income. Maybe not enough to quit your job but it is a good solid income that will pay off some of your bills and maybe even more.

I am not one to promise you the world just to take your money. I am a realist and I am telling you the truth.

Remember; all of what I said above is taking into consideration you not doing anything nor following our bonus traffic training. If you do, you will most likely see results a lot faster.

At the end of the day the question that I think you and most people want to know is this:

"Is Affiliate Maverick another dead end opportunity that will build me another web property that will just sit there and do nothing for me?"

And my answer to you is ABSOLUTELY NOT. You will see results and you will get results and we are here 24/7 to help if you ever need us. We don't charge an annual fee for support like all the others do.

I just cannot guarantee you a dollar amount or a time frame. It just is very hard to determine those factors and I hope you can understand that and not think badly of me for trying to be as honest as possible.

Thank you for your time.

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