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Is your program truly automated and you do all the work for us ?


The business model within itself it automated but it still does not mean you just sit back and do nothing. Such business does not exist.

What we mean by automated is that YES your entire business model is automated, we utilize some free traffic methods that will build themselves up over time and YES we integrate 5 different ways in which you can earn revenue from your blog.

But again there is so much you can do too to build on to your affiliate business like driving more traffic through the various training we offer you in the members area; adding more income streams, building a list through your blog and emailing out affiliate offers. These are all things you would do as after all it is your own business..

We are basically building you a foundation to start from on the right track.

So instead of you wasting time and money figuring everything out. We do more than half of the work for you and then you do the rest long term and over time following our training and support which is also available 24/7 for life.

Hope this helps clear everything up for you.

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