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How long does it take to built my entire blog ?


We never take long at all to build our client's blogs. However one needs to understand that we work as fast as our clients hand us the information we require. So it goes like this:

1. There are 4 steps in the program.

2. Each step has either 1 or several videos (very short videos) with a form intact to each step as well.

3. The short videos help you understand the information we require from you so that you can easily and seamlessly fill out the form for each step without problems.

The information is simple and they are things like:

a. what is your clickbank nickname.

b. what is your domain name.

c. what color you want your blog to be. 


Step 1 is the longest step that requires the most work on our part and we usually get that done within 1-2 business days tops.

After we finish each step we send out a confirmation email letting the client know that the respective step has been finished and to begin the next step.

Now at this point several things could happen:

1. The client gets our email, begins the next step and everything flows seamlessly.


2. The client never sees our confirmation email or deletes it by accident.

3. The client provides wrong information on certain steps and when we email them about it they take forever to get back to us (this happens a lot).

And the only reason why they provide wrong information is because we know 100% that they did not watch the short tutorial videos and they rushed through everything.

So all of these factors determines how long it takes and how fast we get the work done.

We are here 7 days a week with short hours on the weekends So we have no reason NOT to finish the work.

If you need details on getting started ASAP please send in a support ticket to and I will make sure to let Judie know to give you direct access to the checkout page.

I hope this helped answer and address your concerns.

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