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What niche should I choose my blog to be about?


This is a question I get asked a lot however it's one that cannot be answered by anyone but you and here is why:

The whole concept of running a blog is NOT for the mere purpose of making it about a niche that is popular, competitive, or highly searched. Unfortunately this is what many seek which is why they do not see results.

The first rule you must understand of owning a blog is that it is about building relationships and building a reader base. This is what will make long term residual income.

Just focusing on having a blog in a popular niche won't get you anywhere.

That being said; because blogs are about building relationships then this means that the niche you get into has to be something you are familiar with and know a little bit about otherwise how can you relate to your readers if you have no interest in the topic of your blog ?

Last words of advice to leave you with:

Any niche can be profitable

Any niche can make you money

A niche with 5,000 searches a month could make you more money than a niche with 50,000 searches a month and this mainly relies on how knowledgeable you are about the topic of your blog and engaging your readers.


Hope this helps you better understand the concept of you having to choose a niche for yourself.

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