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What happens after I pay for Membership access into Affiliate Maverick 2.0 ?


The enrollment procedure is simple:


1. you pay for AM2.0

2. you get membership access

3. There are 4 phases to building your blog


Phase 1: Blog and content setup. 

Phase 2: Google Adsense or alternative setup. Sometimes this process is done on phase one. It all depends on your situation which will all make sense to you once you're in the members area.

Phase 3: Integrating all other revenue streams into your blog

Phase 4: we start driving traffic for you

You also get workshop training showing you many things like driving more traffic etc...

So what happens is once you login, you will be presented with small mini videos that you follow which will show you how to register for things that you will need like a ClickBank account etc..

Then for each phase there is a form for you to fill out. Once we receive that form, we start working on the respective phase of your blog.

Hope this clarifies everything for you.

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