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I thought I was going to get an optin form to build a list of subscribers as well ?


Great question. Lots of confusion happened about this so let me clarify here.

YES, what we promised was to build you a list of readers through The way feedburner works is that visitors can subscribe to your feed through Feedburner. Then what feedburner will do is everytime new content is published on your blog whether by you or us, Feedburner will send out an email to those subscribers with a link to your new published content.

Pros & Cons For this:


  • You do not have to pay for an autoresponder
  • it is an easier alternative to get started with building some sort of list without having to pay for it
  • Feedburner handles all the email sending for you


  • The list you build even though it is yours but it still becomes Google's property
  • You have no control over your list
  • You cannot segment your list
  • You cannot send them email about promotions or offer. Feedburner specifically uses the list to send them email everytime you publish brand new content.

If you like to learn more about this, I published an article on my blog about this titled:

Building Readership Via RSS VS. Lead Generation

Better Solution:

You get yourself an autoresponder. Unfortunately we could not include this in the one time price of Affiliate Maverick for the mere fact that autoresponders have a monthly subscription fee. So you would have to get it on your own however once you do we would be more than happy to set it up for you.

Here is what to do:

  1. You can use any autoresponder you wish but I personally recommend Aweber. I use Aweber myself.

  2. Once you signup, You need to create your list. Every Autoresponder provider has many tutorials on this showing you how to setup your list. If you go through with Aweber, here is the page with all their tutorials

  3. Once you setup your list and create your optin form, you can send it to us through a support ticket and we will place it on your blog for you.

Hope these steps made sense to you.

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