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Refund Policy Explained For Affiliate Maverick 2.0


I hope you understand the following Refund Policy as Mike made it all very clear from the offer to the moment you made your purchase.

1. Mike explained in detail that this is not a sit back, do absolutely nothing, and expect money flying into your bank account type of opportunity.

Mike specifically explained that our job with Affiliate Maverick members is to help start-up affiliates get started on the right path by building them an affiliate business that is loaded up with:

a. content

b. 5 different income streams

c. Integrate FREE traffic sources. (Which Mike also fully explained that these FREE traffic sources will take time to build up) which is why he provided workshop training and advanced traffic strategies if you're interested in speeding up the process.


2. Also on the pre-checkout page, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page right where the checkout button is, there is a big notice in red where Mike says the following:


*****************By choosing and clicking on any of the two payment options above means that you have read and agreed to our terms of service.***************


and this notice links you to our terms of service here:


On the "Terms Of Service" page on point #6, the refund section, it clearly explains how you are eligible for a refund so please read it to understand our refund policy more in full detail.

Basically what Affiliate Maverick is saying to you is that you cannot have us build everything for you, spend all this time and work, and without any effort on your part, you just then ask for a refund. We don't offer these kinds of refunds.. Please contact us if you have any further questions. 


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