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My hosting load time is very slow, why is that ?


The hosting issue we are aware of.. Actually we are re-sellers for We had brought this to their attention several times but they did nothing about it.

Because of this, we stopped taking on anymore clients who get hosting through us, they all have to either use their own or get their own..

Instead we rolled out a hosting transfer service to help our clients who want to transfer their site to a faster server.

Don't get us wrong is the best and their server are blazing fast just not the package they offer for re-sellers like us for some reason.

So if you like, get your own hosting through which we recommend above all others, and we can handle the transfer of your blog for you for a fee of $25.

Here is the from to continue down this path:

After we transfer your hosting for you, we will then make sure everything is working. Upon confirmation we will cancel your subscription and hosting with us right away so you do not get charged.

Hope this makes sense and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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