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How much money can I make with Sell For Me Funnel (SFMF)?


The whole concept of the affiliate funnel is not from selling the initial product only..

The money is made from following the traffic methods in the members area and building a list.

Then from that list you then sell the product integrated in the funnel but the real money is from promoting other affiliate offers as well..

So the money you make will determine on how aggressive your advertising is and building your list after all this is what internet marketing is all about.

So it could be a month or it could be 3 months, less or more, it is all about how fast you will build your list.

The investment is only $97 which you can recoup from few sales not counting upsells of the initial product and not counting any other promotions you will do to your list..

And the advertising dollars this is your own asset as it goes to wards building your list.

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