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My Google Adsense Application Was Rejected. What Should I Do ?


Everyday, it is becoming harder and harder to get accepted into the Google Adsense program. And this has nothing to do with quality of content or web design etc... It has a lot to do with Google being strict with any brand new website/blog when it comes to anything that includes but not limited to:

a. Ranking

b. Charging you premium pricing for Google Ads in general

c. Making it hard to get accepted into their programs including Google Adsense.

Simply put, Google only wants to work with people that have been grandfathered in or already have an account from years ago while making it harder for any newcomer to just get accepted.

Knowing this to be true and in order to help you out and save you from this annoying new rules that Google put into place but will never openly admit; we have gone ahead and researched heavily and tested all of the next best alternatives to Google Adsense and in some cases, those alternatives work way better than Google Adsense and Pays out much more than Google Adsense.

These services are:

and a few more listed in the members area.

Check them all out and see which one you like.If for whatever reason you have a hard time getting accepted into Google Adsense or if you apply and get rejected, all you have to do is apply to one of those alternatives that you like.

After you do, fill out the form available in the members area of which is available on Phase #2 of the steps..

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