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I Have No Idea What You Built For Me OR How It All Works. Please Explain!


Let us Clarify The Process...

So assuming you purchased one of the "Sell For Me Funnel" (SFMF) upgrade/s which comes with a landing page funnel that you chose.. Now this landing page we built for you is here:

The opt-in form on that page is connected to

By following our training and promoting your landing page, the idea is you will be generating leads into your Aweber autoresponder email management system.

Inside Aweber, we setup a campaign for you via email followups for about 30-70 days depending on your package upgrade, that promotes different products on ClickBank using your affiliate information you provided to us on the form you filled out..

So the idea is that the email followups that go out, promotes and sends traffic to the ClickBank offers being promoted via the email followups we setup for you. When people buy, you earn a commission.

Hope this explanation helps you..

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