OK, I Received Email Confirmation That My Funnel Is Built And Live, What Do I Do Now?


Not a problem at all.. Here is an explanation I hope you appreciate :)


So think of your product, or what you will promote is your main squeeze page which is:





So you want all your traffic to go there... why you ask??

OK, well because the idea of affiliate marketing or anything online marketing related in general is driving traffic to a page where you can generate leads..

So anyone who goes to that page and fills out the form on that page, their information will end up in your Aweber account.

And in your Aweber account we setup your email followups to go out automatically to those leads.

And in those emails, we setup several products from ClickBank to be promoted to that list of leads you generate. And each product we have it attached to your ClickBank affiliate information so when a sale happens you earn a commission on every sale.

So this leaves you only focused on driving traffic and generating more leads.

And the traffic training is in the members area and it starts under the BONUS #1 tab in the members area.

Hope this clarifies things further for you..