Can I Use Tagging/Paratemeters On A Tracking Link URL?

So here is a small issue. The tagging/parameters tactic taught here will not work on tracking URL's given to you by our tracker as part of the Sell For Me Funnel Program.

We are talking spcifically about links that looks like this:

The reason for that is because the nature of auto-generated tracking links as their sole purpose is to track and then forward the trafficto an appropriate designated URL.

For example; if you click on the link given to you that looks like the one above; you will see that you will be redirected to your actual landing page URL that looks something like this:

And if this is the case, then is the tracking link itself is altered even with tags/parameters, then the tracking will cause an error and not know where to direct traffic.

So here is the rule of thumb:

If you want to use the tagging/parameters feature, then use your actual link URL that looks like this:

And if you like to use our tracking URL instead which is the link that looks like this:

Then you need to do so without using tags/parameters or your links would not work.