Analytics Tracking Code | I Am Having Trouble Submitting OR Providing Google Analytics Information On The Form

Even though we ask for Analytics information on the Form (Which may be phased out soon); when setting up your funnel we cannot really add Google analytics to your squeeze page and here is why:

Google has made it extremely difficult for us to login to customer’s accounts without going through an extreme rigorous account verification process (Your Account), that just makes it impossible for us to login..

Here are the proper steps to follow if you still want Google Analytics to be added to your affiliate funnel:

Step #1: Ignore providing Analytics credentials on the form for now.

Step #2: Submit your form and let our team setup your affiliate funnel for you and we will send you email confirmation once completed.

Step #3: In that confirmation email, we will simply explain why we did not add Google Analytics (Sam explanation above) and will also provide you with with the steps in which you can go ahead and setup Google Analytics tracking yourself.

Step #4: Once you follow the instructions given and setup Google tracking; Google will then give you a long tracking code. Send us an email providing that tracking code and we will add it to your funnel squeeze page.

NOTE: Make Sure You Supply Us With The Long Tracking Code And Not The Ua Code Which Won’t Work.

This process helps us bypass the rigorous login process that never ends up working anyways. And you keeping your credentials safe without having to share them.