SFMF PRO | It has been days and have not heard from Bluehost about my affiliate application?

Some of our SFMFPRO members who applied to Bluehost's affiliate program told us they reached out to Bluehost and they said it can take up to 2 weeks to receve a final approval or rejection.

This was never the case before but maybe sometimes when they get extremely busy, this becomes the case.

We can tell you this much though; if it was an immediate rejection; you would have heard back right away within about 2 buinsess days. We are not saying its a guaranteed approval either lol I am sure you know what I mean.

Also; we have noticed sometimes; they do not email you when you get approved letting you know.

We recommend you login to Impact network, look in at the top left corner you will see a bell icon. Click it.

If you see your application still pending then you can wait. But if you do not see that; it could be that you are already approved and just never got an email about it. Check into that.

Impact Network Bell Icon