SFMF PRO | Do you offer phone support or support via Zoom etc?

We do not do phone support, nor zoom support either. We do email and ticket support and we offer email support like you never seen before.

What we have is not your typical support system where you're waiting 2 days to hear a vague response back that leads to absolutely no solution.


Plus.. We only do email support on purpose and soon, we are adding live chat support as well.

The reason why we only do email support and live chat coming soon is because this is the most effective way for us to help our members effectively and quickly.

Most of the support if not all support you will require of us has nothing to do with getting on the phone with you or video chatting via Zoom or what have you.

I am sorry but this is a waste of time because you're never going to be discussing the problem head on not can we visually see the problem on the phone.

In addition; most of the support we offer will require us to ask you for login access to services you would be using for your business. Imagine having to provide this information over the phone. This will be a disaster.

So we know that phone support and Zoom may sound sexy, and would make us look like or give off the vibe that we truly care so much. But in reality, the opposite is what will actually end up happening.

It's extremely counterproductive. 

Email support is the best support if you have a great team behind it and we do.