SFMF & SFMF PRO | I Am Testing My Affiliate Funnel And Receiving No Follow-up Emails From Aweber; What's The Issue?

In most cases if you set up everything right; here are 2 of the most common issues that could be the problem with not receiving your email follow-ups:

Potential Issue #1

Wrong opt-in form setup. You are not following the proper setup process of connecting your optin form on your landing page/s to AWeber. This is a 2 part process.

Part #1: Integrate AWeber with OptimizePress.

Part #2: Connect your opt-in form on your landing page to your AWeber proper list. Ensuring the proper tags are also in place.

You can do all of this by diligently following the training for:

SFMFPRO - Day 6 Lesson 1 and Lesson 2

SFMF - Go to the 8 steps process, and follow steps 4,5, and 6.

Potential Issue #2

You are receiving the follow-up emails but are ending up in your JUNK/SPAM/PROMO folder. This usually happens if you are using Hotmail, Comcast, AOL or yahoo email addresses when you opt-in to your own list. Also it can happen if the "SENDING EMAIL ADDRESS" you added in your Aweber "list settings" as your sending email is Hotmail, Comcast, AOL, or Yahoo email etc. Basically any Free email service provider can cause this issue.

The way to combat this is to get a Gmail email address and change it in your AWeber list settings. Or get a paid email address which you can also do so from Gmail as well. It's called Gmail Suite.

Potential Issue #3

Go through your Aweber email follow-ups and see if there are any links in your emails that are not properly hyperlinked. Otherwise known as broken links. If a link is broken, this will cause Aweber to put a hold on sending any follow-ups to your prospects/leads to prevent their system from sending out emails that could potentially be labeled as spam by the receiving ISP because it contains broken links.

Alternatively, you can always contact Aweber and have them look into the issue for you and you can report the issue back to us and we will do whatever we can on our end to fix this for you if it is within our support capacity to do so.

AWeber support is available 24/7/365 which is one of the hundreds of reasons why we love and endorse Aweber.


NOTE: This article applies to both programs, SFMF and SFMFPRO. This does not mean this article must be or is a solution to an issue you may have with this particular subject. We just analyzed on our end that the solutions provided in this article can be applied in general to anything and is not necessarily "product specific".