SFMF PRO | I am confused between Newsletter email campaign and all the other email campaigns. What should I be doing or using?

Allow us to respond by explaining what is suppose to happen regardless of which "share codes" you're suppose to use for whichever email campaign.

So; in general, you are driving YouTube ad traffic OR Google Display traffic to a specific landing page that will be promoting a specific offer.

Clearly, when someone optins, you want them to be able to get information about that offer first. Then over time, when this email campaign is finished for that offer; they start receiving the email campaigns you have in place for the other offers. With us so far?? OK GREAT!

This would mean that in order to do this; on the specific list for that first offer; you want to use the share code that sends the email followups to that respective offer first; then the other offers would follow.

So for example: If you are promoting AWeber first; then on day 5, lesson 3; you would use the share codes in blue and you would select the one that says:

SFMF  PRO | Full Series Email Campaign Share Code | Starting With AWeber.

Now on to another point.. Let's say some people just want to promote one offer and one offer only. They do  not care about the entire product line of other offers.

And they only want to focus on one offer. In this case you would setup one list promoting one offer, and you would use the share code in yellow and you choose the one based on your respective offer you're interested in.

Now, to a different subject relating to the homepage and newsletter. Say on top of everything else mentioned above; you want to also have a newsletter list. OK; great!

So someone signs up to your newsletter. And the idea here, is they signed up to receive information from you about offers that may interest them. Now of course in this case, they did not optin to receive emails about a specific offer. Rather, they just opted into your newsletter.

However, obviously, you want to send them emails about your several offers..

So in this list that you would create separately for your homepage/newsletter in general regardless of which page; you would then use the share code titled newsletter.

And in this case; you get to choose which offer they receive an email campaign promo for first. And based on that; it will determine which share code you would use from the ones listed on Day 6 lesson 2.

Aside from this; please understand that having a "newsletter" optin box/section on your home page is something optional and not necessary at all and has nothing to do with your overall business or it's performance. It's jusgt there as an option.

Remember, we like to make you aware of all the options available to you regardless.

Please read this article over several times.. As there is no need to turn something so simple, into a complicated issue.

Hope this information helps.