SFMF PRO | Do I have to update my homepage to match the main offer I am leading with?

You have two options at this point.

Option #1: Either keeping your homepage generic like a corporate, company page since you are sending your traffic to the main landing page anyways of whatever offer you're leading with.

Option #2: Or you can brand your entire website as a website related to that specific offer and then change the homepage to match that. So it all depends on your personal choice.

Both concepts work and one is not better than the other.

And yes, even if your entire website comes off as a website dedicated to one category given that you decided to brand your homepage as well; this does not mean you cannot promote other offers or it would look weird if you did. Furthest thing from the truth.

Remember; all offers you promote are not targeting a specific niche and they all have a broad base market of buyers in all industries. So this is not something you should be worried about.