SFMF PRO | What is the difference between Newsletter email campaign and the other email campaigns? And Do I need both or all of them?

You don't need the general campaign and the other ones.

The only time you need the general campaign is if you would like to use your homepage where people can subscribe to your newsletter and then have your offers emailed out to them.

So it is a personal preference.

The main thing that you need is to choose the offer that you are going to lead with that you will be promoting on Google Ads and set up your email campaign for that.

So essentially if this is how you are doing it you can take off the optin form from your homepage and just add a button where people can go to your "Resources" page to look at your other offers or they can go directly to the offer that you want to lead with.

So there is no right or wrong answers here it's just based on personal preference and how you like to run your business.

The main thing that will impact your business is what you are going to advertise on Google and as long as the traffic is being sent to a landing page that is collecting leads which is what we are doing then you're good to go.

Everything else is personal preference.

And if this is how you are going to do it then for the time being you don't need to upgrade your AWeber account if you are only setting up one list. Keep in mind though; with the current AWeber update, they are limiting the number of campaigns a free account can create. As of now; a current free account can only create 3 email campaigns. Used to be unlimited.

The reason why we are not 100% confident in the answer we are relaying to you is because when we spoke to AWeber; they said that this is subject to change at anytime.

So they may increase the number of campaigns a free account is allowed to create; or they may decrease it. They said it will always change.

So by the time you get to this point; it may be different from what is mentioned in this article.