SFMF PRO | What does the Google learning phase mean, and how long should it take?

There are many factors involved that dertermines the learnig phase and how long it takes.

First understand that the algorithm will learn from your campaign what you feed it. If you feed it wrong information it will not learn the right information.

However; you will not know what the right or wrong information is until you feed it to the algorithm.

In addition; once you feed it the information; in order to figure out what is right from wrong; you need to give it time.

Typically the bigger your ad budget; the less time you need to wait to collect data. But bigger ad budget does not mean quicker results monetarily.

It just means you can get through testing more things at a quicker pace to figure out what works for your campaign. It is never one size fits all.. Sometimes we upload the exact same identical ad to Google; and one performs better than the other. We never know why; but this is how things works. This is why patience is important.

For everyone new To Google Ads; we always strongly recommend you do not exceed your financial means. Spend within our recommendation of $5-$10 or somewhere there in which you know you can afford without stressing yourself out. When you stress about this; you tend to make wrong decisions for your campaign which will result in more time; money; and energy wasted that produces no results.

This process is meant to take time. This is the only part of your business that takes the most time. This is the part where the 1% of the 99% that usually don't give up... 99% of those 1% usually give up at this phase.

We are talking online entrepreneurs in general.. not people just follow SFMFPRO.

This may sound far fetched for you however; knowing this data should give you the upper hand to not allow it to be the case for you. You can beat those odds now that you know it.

Now that you have some context and better understanding. You should now know why in the SFMFPRO training; we recommend not to constantly make changes; and to give the campaign time to learn and collect data so you know what your next move is.

We usually wait about 7-14 days even with a big budget before we make changes. But this is our preference.

Google always recommends for you to wait minimum 7 days before you make changes.

And remember; this also includes changes to your campaign and landing page. Not just the campaign.

Any big or small change/s can have an impact. Including a headline on your landing page all the way to a minor setting in your campaign.

This is why we recommend you make small changes over time not big ones. And to keep your changes subtle and minimal each time you make any change on your campaign or landing page.

Notice how we say "landing page" not website? Because the only thing that truly matter conversion wise is the landing page you're sending Google paid traffic to; regardless of how the rest of your website looks.

You still want a good looking site. but the landing page is what matters most.

And by the way; this information presented applies the same way to both Youtube and Display campaigns the same.

The testing phase/process is the same across the board.