SFMF PRO | I don't feel comfortable making YouTube video ad, what's my alternative?

We understand not everyone feels comfortable making video ads with their face on it.

Mike wants people to face those fears and be comfortable making the videos themselves and it is for a reason.

Statistically; personal videos, where it is you on the camera (exactly how you saw Mike's video on YouTube) those tend to not only perform much better than other types of video ads; but they also build that trust and credibility with your audience much quicker and it happens before they even arrive to your website.

We are all about getting you results ASAP. Not saying it will be instant; but faster.

However; if you are completely against video or do not feel comfortable; there is another way.

Recently we have added a second part to "Day 9" training. We added Google Display ad training.

Google Display ads are banner ads you see on popular websites like yahoo, NY times, Forbes; and millions of others.

They called the Google display network. Which is a network of websites that display Ads by Google around their website.

You can have your banner ad show up on those websites which is the "Google Display Network"

So now you have two options:

Option #1: Create a YouTube Ad

Option #2: Start a Google Display campaign.

Both are effective however keep this in mind:

If you choose Youtube Ad:

You can expect a more engaged audience (QUICKER) because they can see you on video so they can relate to you human to human.

This does not mean any video ad you make will be great. You may still need to make several variations to have your message dialed in properly. But overall personal Youtube ads (With you on camera) perform really well and converts better.

If you choose Display Ad:

These perform really well too however it takes longer. Think about it; the people online seeing your banner ad and arriving to your website; they are a much colder audience than those coming from a YouTube ad.

The people coming from a display ad get to know you, trust you, and learn about you after they arrive to your website and receive your email follow-ups. Because this is when they start to interact with you.

So it takes longer to warm them up when compared to a YouTube ad.

Now display campaigns are easier to scale because traffic is massive and you can expect more traffic from display than you do from video.

So you can essentially get more leads from display than you do from video (based on your budget); however one more time:

YouTube Ads = Perform well short term (less traffic and leads and also tend to cost more but convert quicker)

Display Ads  = Perform well long term (more traffic and leads tend to cost less but takes longer to convert)

We cannot predict the amount of time between short and long term but it ranges anywhere from several days to several weeks.

The focus is getting your ads (Video or Display) dialed in and be willing to make several ads over time to see which performs better.