SFMF PRO | I don't feel comfortable making YouTube video ad, what's my alternative?

We understand not everyone feels comfortable making video ads with their face on it.

Mike wants people to face those fears and be comfortable making the videos themselves and it is for a reason.

Statistically; personal videos, where it is you on the camera (exactly how you saw Mike's video on YouTube) those tend to not only perform much better than other types of video ads; but they also build that trust and credibility with your audience much quicker. We are all about getting you results ASAP. Not saying it will be instant; but faster.

The other way Mike does not teach it unless people ask is exactly for the reason mentioned above. However there is no teaching involved.

Here is what you simply need to do:

By now you should have the offer chosen that you are going to lead with. which is the offer you are going to create a video ad for.

You can use the transcript we give you; write your own, or preferably you can start by using the transcript we give you, and personalize it. Meaning edit it to make it sound like it's coming from you.

Then you can hire someone on Fiverr to create a YouTube video ad for you and all you need to do is provide them the transcript.

This is all you need to do. Now these style video ads are kind of like commercials. And people don't respond as well to commercials like they do with personal messages/videos.

Basically this translates into spending more on ads for lesser results. Meaning you need to be more patient.

Now again remember; we are not against this at all. We are just being transparent by telling you the pros and cons. We do not want you to feel misled in anyway.

We are making all your options known, and telling you the pros and cons of each.

Also; there is another way you can try. There is a service called


It's an AI robot service. There is many like them online.

I have to say couple things. We never used them, and we do not know if they are effective.

So you can try this service or similar like it if you find any.