SFMF PRO | I can't be visible online for various reasons; can I still run my business anonymously and what results I can expect if I do so?

The short answer is: Anything is possible and YES you can.

However this comes with a cost.

You need to understand; affiliate marketing means people are buying products and services based on your recommendations of different offers and services.

If people cannot see you, or know your name, and if you plan to just be a faceless and nameless website giving out recommendations; then how much do you think your prospect will believe you, trust your opinion, let alone buy anything from you?

The point is: YES you can make it work, and yes you will get results but those results will cost you more in ad spend and effort over time which also means more leads are required to capture more commissions.

Here is a simple hypothetical math: If you need 10 leads to make one sale if you plan to show your face. You will need 30-40 leads to make 1 sale if you do not show your face or display your name.

And this does not mean show someone else's face. It needs to be you. It has to be authentic and genuine.

Think about it this way; would you have invested into SFMF-PRO if you have no clue who is behind this challenge?

Probably not. So if you are not willing to invest in something unless you know who is selling it, then why should you expect others to do the opposite? Something to think about.

in addition to all of this, you now have Google ads to think about.

With Google ads, unless you have a corporation or an LLC, and become a verified advertiser; only then you can use your company's name for your ads account instead of your personal name. But Google still needs to know who you are.

Regardless, even when Google knows who you are it won't be displayed publicly. This is something you need to look into with Google if it is something you worry about.

Here is a link from Google Ads you can look into in regards to verification plus various other policies:


One other thing to think about; if you plan NOT to use your face or name in your YouTube video ad as well, this means your video ad on YouTube will be nameless and/or faceless; which also means it will look like a commercial style ad and not a personal ad. This will also impact your overall conversion and performance.

Please click on the link below to read about what we think of commercial style ads.:


Again, it is doable, but comes with a cost.

Here is more hypothetical math: If you show your face and display your name in your video ad; $10 in ad spend may get you 4 leads.

if you plan NOT to show your face or display your name, maybe you will need $30 to generate 4 leads. It just costs more not to show your face or name because the "TRUST FACTOR" does not exist. It all boils down to TRUST!