SFMF PRO | Why should I have a professional website with all these articles if most of my paid traffic will go to my landing page and then my email follow-ups?

The concept of building a professional website usually consists of great design and quality content. Which is the opposite of a one-page website.

Using SFMFPRO means you are building your personal brand as an authority in your niche and as a go to affiliate for help and advice. In this case you need to show you are somewhat knowledgeable and you know what you are talking about. You do that via great content.

Does not matter if people read it or not; but it does add a nice feel and good quality design to your overall website.

Below are some reasons why you also want a professional website besides it being a silly question because what is your other option? an ugly or unprofessional looking website? And you expect to make money? This is not ClickBank hype from 2004. Get my point? SFMFPRO you now play with the big boys and girls.

Reason #1:

Now that we understand what professional looking website consists of; this takes us to another reason why you want one. Google Ads likes to work with professional businesses; and websites. They do not like to work with people that come off as they do not know what they are doing... OR... LITERALLY do not know what they are doing by trying to run a one page website.

You cannot promote a one page website on Google. You need to have an established website or a website that looks established. Which is what we are trying to help you build for yourself with SFMFPRO.

Reason #2:

Affiliate programs. You are trying to become an affiliate for other businesses. Those businesses want to know who you are and what you do and why they should let you represent them online. Will they feel comfortable to approve you if you have an ugly website or no website at all? Just a one-pager with a headline? Of course not.

Reason #3:

Even though this is NOT what we are doing; but potentially, your website will get indexed on search engines driving organic traffic to your website.

Usually the main pages on a website that get indexed naturally are: Your homepage and your content pages... ARTICLES.

If people enjoy what you have to say; they will look more into your website and potentially join your list and make you money over time.