SFMF PRO | Not all offers contain a "content delivery page" alongside the landing page. Why is that?

As Mike explains in the training; he works with what he is given by the offer itself. Meaning whatever affiliate tools he is given.

So for that reason, not all offers have landing pages and a content delivery page.

The main reason for that is because say one of the offers (and keep in mind; the list of offers is always changing), provides so much information on their sales/signup page. It would then not make so much sense if we were to also create a content delivery page providing even more information, before they go to the main offer page to yet see more information.

All we are doing at this point is creating more steps than necessary before getting the prospect to commit and sign up or purchase something.

That being said; a rule to know:

When we provide a content delivery page; it means that the offer itself does not have much information on their sales page.

When we do not offer a content delivery page, it means the offer itself contain enough information on their main page to move someone to a buying decision hence it is not needed on our part to yet add even more information and creating more barriers.

In both scenarios, a landing page will always be present.

So as Mike teaches in the training; whether a content delivery page is present or not; ultimately, the goal is to send every visitor to the company's main offer with your personal affiliate link. 

So ultimately this is where you send everyone as a final destination. Which is the main offer with your affiliate link (betterlinks secured affiliate link/s)