SFMF | The "Tagging" trick Mike teaches does not work on AWeber generated landing pages. What Is the solution?

YES; the tagging feature does not work on AWeber landing pages as it breaks their landing page code. What you can alternatively do is duplicate the page for each vendor you decide to get traffic from. And then you can tag the optin form itself on your AWeber landing page with the vendor's name.

So then when you search for the name in subscribers; you know which vendor generated which leads for you through their traffic, as now it can be identified by a tag in your AWeber account.

Checkout diagram below for clarity:

Tagging Alternative For AWeber Landing Pages

Remember; the tagging training is just a bonus training. Which means it does not have to directly apply to your affiliate funnel set up. It is just extra information for you to learn more about online marketing and different free methods of tracking your analytics.