SFMF PRO | Why Do We Give You Multiple Landing Pages For Each Affiliate Offer You May Want To Promote?

Multiple landing pages are presented to you for various reasons.

Reason #1: To give you options to choose whichever landing page you like to use so you're not bound to just one option.

Again it is all about building a unique affiliate business for yourself and we try to provide you with all the tools as much as we can so you can accomplish your goals.

Reason #2: In some cases (not always); not all landing pages have the same content/message.

Sometimes we offer multiple landing pages as each landing page promotes a different message to your potential visitors. So we are providing you with more angles to promote your offer as an affiliate.

Reason #3: You notice sometimes your offers have content delivery pages. Ex: AWeber. Again; we work with what is given to us by the company we are promoting their business.

You need to understand; each company has their own rules, guidelines; and unique offer and how they like you to promote them as an affiliate. SO each program you are an affiliate has to be treated as its own unique case.

In conclusion; you cannot assume that all offers you promote must have exact same landing page; promoting the offer exact same way as the rest.

An offer like AWeber; when you get approved into their affiliate program; they give you tools to promote them as an affiliate. (in our case it is the 6 free video series). Which is the one of the assets they offer their affiliate to use as an option.

So we decided to utilize those videos by creating what we call a "Content Delivery Page". On this content delivery page is where we host for you the 6 free videos from AWeber in which you can then use as a lead magnet to offer your prospect after they optin to your list.

This also means we need to create a landing page that compliments what you will offer on the content delivery page (6 free video tutorials from AWeber) that entices people to optin for the 6 free videos.

However; you do not have to promote AWeber by using those videos. It is only an option.

So again; in this case; what if some of our members do not want to promote the 6 free videos; what if they just want to promote AWeber a different way? Well; we have to accommodate for that as well by offering landing pages with different content for those promoting AWeber without using the 6 free video as their lead magnet.

As you can see; it is all about options and giving you the freedom to choose how you want to build your affiliate business.

We have to work with what we are given by the company we are promoting. And we have to also come out on top by doing our best to accommodate to the offer's needs and guidelines so you can easily promote it and to do so effectively.

This is the job of every successful affiliate. And we at SFMF PRO help make this much easier for you by doing majority of the work for you.

Hope this article helps.