SFMF PRO | If all the students are promoting the same offers with the exact same funnel; Isn't this going to be competitive to promote these products?

Actually we teach you the business model and we get you started with some offers.

This challenge is not about:

This is your website, these are the offers, go promote and make money... And this is it. This is absolutely NOT the mindset or concept of this SFMFPRO business.

Each client of ours has a unique looking website, its their own and personalized to their personality. Because we teach them how to do that. So your site won't look like someone else's.

We start them off with some offers that fit the mantra I teach which you should know by now and then they expand on their own to promoting many other offers which makes them all unique from each other.

We start every client off with some offers so that you have some base, you have something to sell, so that you have an actual business. And the offers are based on criteria that fit the mantra. They are not offers we pull out of a hat. They are calculated offers based on criteria that must be met following the mantra which are:

1. Offers with a broad base market of buyers

2. offers used by people and businesses online regardless of their industry or niche.

3. Offers that pay in residual. Get the referral once and earn in residual for the life of the customer.

I am teaching you the game; not limiting you on what you can or cannot promote. I teach you how it works and you can branch out on your own from there which we 100% recommend you do.

In addition, the offers we get you started with would be a problem "competition wise" if every one of our students are promoting to the same people/audience..

However; you get to choose which offer to lead with out of the several we get you started. So right from the start, not everyone promoting the same thing initially. And there are several ways to target your audience for each offer. Making the target audience massive.

Meaning... The audience size for each offer is in the tens of millions.

So unless you have $50K+ per DAY budget to target all that traffic and still won't be enough by the way; then we can safely say that if you and 10 million other students promote to the same audience/people; you still wouldn't overlap each other.

Therefore making competitiveness non-existent.