SFMF PRO | About business plans. I'm still unsure which one to choose. Could you please tell me which plan resonated the most with most students?

Throughout the SFMFPRO program; I had mentioned this countless times. YET people still want an answer. Which I have already provided.

However people do not want the correct answer; rather they want me to tell them what to do; which is an incorrect answer by the way.

So let me address it here for the last time.

The business plans are optional. You can use them; or not and which one you use does not matter at all.

What matters is what you feel comfortable promoting first.

From reading the support tickets that come in about this topic; I sense that most people who have a hard time choosing a plan are only having a hard time because they do not know whether they should go for making ($1-$5K, $5-$10K, or $15K+) per month.

Of course the answer should be $15K or more because why make less when you can make more right? THIS IS EXACTLY MY POINT WHEN I SAY THE BUSINESS PLANS DO NOT MATTER AND HERE IS WHY ONCE AGAIN:

Any plan you choose can get you to $15K plus. All business plans have no cap on how much you can make. The cap does not exist. Where is the cap? It is no where.

Think of the SFMFPRO  mantra:

Offers/services serving broad base market of buyers
Offers/services paying you in recurring commissions.

So whether you choose business plan A, B, C OR K...

Are you going to continue to advertise your business? YES

Are you going to continue to generate leads daily? YES

Are you going to continue to get new referrals daily? YES

Are you going to continue to add to your "referral count" daily potentially increasing your monthly commission payout month after month? YES

If we answered YES to all the questions above; then where is the CAP? IT DOES NOT EXIST! NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

Therefore whether you choose the ($1-$5K, $5-$10K, or $15K+) per month plan; with every single plan you can make as much as you possibly can and continues to grow.

The only reason why I developed those 3 plans and with different income level attached to it because in each plan, I designed a hierarchy of offers to promote one after the other that has the potential to make you specific amount at a given time. But this also means you start with a higher ad budget after you complete testing what is working for you. (Its all on Day 10-14).

But the hierarchy I setup for the $5K plan for example can also make you $15K in the same timeframe depending on how aggressive you are with advertising after the testing period and figuring out what works.

So the business plan choice you make does not matter. The plans are designed to work with you NOT you work for them.