SFMF PRO | I am receiving a monthly report from CookieBot. What is it?

Depending on your subscription with CookieBot; their "Small" subscription package at currently: €12 per month
(you can check current pricing here) scans your website once a month.

Part of scanning your website is they are looking for any new cookies; or new things on your website that needs to be in compliant with GDPR. Then they send you an email about it. It's just a report. There is no action you need to take on this. They are just reporting back to you what they have scanned.

Since we do not offer CookieBot support and is not part of SFMFPRO; and they have their own support; feel free to contact them and follow their advice. They know their service more than we do. It is their specialty. Click here for CookieBot support.