SFMF PRO | How much time must i commit to SFMF PRO if I want to make $$dollar amount$$ ?

The time required reaching your goals needs a shift of focus.

For example take SFMF PRO's sales page. How often do I work on the sales page once I have it down to a T and converting?

I stop touching it. I don't spend time on it. It just sits online and collects sales. However I do focus heavily on the member's area and always helping my students but this is beside the point I am making here.

What I am trying to say is that most of your time will be spent during the 14 days. Now whether it takes you 14 days or 30 days or more; the point is its when the 14 days are applied and completed meaning your business is live and operational.

After this point; your main focus becomes on the ad campaign and being patient.

You let your ad campaign run; you analyze, you then check if you are getting leads and it becomes a numbers game.

You thought process should be: "How much traffic, how many leads; and how long it takes for some of those leads to convert into a recurring commission."

Then you go off those numbers to determine how long it would take you to reach your desired income goal. And you follow the same process whether you want to make $500 or $50,000 per month.

Technically at this point you're not committing any time to this. The time commitment is in you being patient and allowing what you built to do its job especially your ad campaign.

From this point on; whether you want to make $500 or $50,000 per month.. Its the numbers.

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