SFMF PRO | I'm not tech savvy, I do not have time follow SFMF PRO. Do you have an upgrade where I can pay you to build the whole business for me?"

Short answer: NO We do not.

Full answer:

We do lots of the work for you. You may think you're on your own for the 14 days but really you are not.

If you think about it:

On Day 2: We build and setup the entire business model for you on the Wordpress platform. We setup your landing pages; all your necessary plugins along many other things. (And on day 2, the steps you do the work on your own, Mike guides you step by step how to get things done while he is also doing it for himself on video with you so you can follow along).

On Day 5: We write all of your email campaigns for the various offers you will be promoting. Writing email copy is lots of work and we write it all for you. Once you get to Day 5; you will find the email campaigns it available to you in the member's area by copying a simple piece of code to your autoresponder account. (And on day 5, the steps you do the work on your own, Mike guides you step by step how to get things done while he is also doing it for himself on video with you so you can follow along).

Almost anything you can think of from Day 1 to day 14; if we do not do it for you; Mike is walking you through how to get things done while he does it with you on a brand new business he builds from scratch with you following SFMFPRO.

So really, any way you look at it, you are not alone. In addition; you're getting to learn how to get things done.

You need to understand a crucial point. Which is getting yourself out of the mentality that has been sold to you online for years. Which usually falls within those euphoric words often used which are:

Set and forget; live on the beach all day and make money without doing nothing; sleep all day and make money without doing nothing. Everything is done for you; secret system; secret formula. etc...

These words are often used to make it sound as if building an online business is just some side thing (not part of the real world) that you set once quick in like 5 minutes. Then it starts to make you money for life and pays your bills and you do not think about it beyond the 5 minutes it took to put it together.

This is a false reality and nothing works this way.

YES; after you put in the work needed; some elements of running your business will be automated; and you can forget about it and  you barely ever have to touch it. But first you NEED to put the work in.

Bottom line; you need to build your own business. No one is going to build it for you.

SFMFPRO is literally the only program that is the closest thing to having done for you elements of your business included without jeopardizing the quality or income potential for your business.

Also, few more things that we should mention that rest assure we are aware of which are:

We know you may be experiencing some hard times hindering you from building your business; this is normal; life gets in the way, but please note that you have lifetime access to the program, which means you can build your business and follow the program at your own pace.


Please remember that building a business is not a race, so it's important to remain calm if the process takes longer than expected. Remember, you are building a business for life, so it's essential to stay laser-focused and complete all the necessary steps to ensure everything is built correctly.