SFMF PRO | I Have Purchased Many In The Past; It Feels There Is Always “Something” LEFT OUT That Leads To Success That No One Tells You. Is This True?

The secret that is left out is no one tells you that 1+1 does not equal 2. Allow me to explain...

  • No one tells you you must keep trying; nothing will work the first time.
  • You will lose money on advertising for a while till you get it right.
  • Stop trying different opportunities or business models and spinning around chasing your tail; rather focus and believe in one business model and go with it all the way.
  • Stop looking for instant results because it does not exist.
  • Constantly update and adapt to changes in the market.

Everything I said above to you IF placed on any sales page; no one would buy anything and


Because what I said above is the definition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

And 99% of people are not entrepreneurs.

They like the idea of making money and being the BOSS but are not willing to go through the pain to become the BOSS

So they never see the light at the end.

Does not matter what program you followed or what you purchased. From the good to the bad; from the hyped up program to an ethical program; bottom line you MUST be willing to go through what I said above. Because one way or another; YOU WILL.

So either accept it from now or QUIT and stop trying.

That being said; YES I can guarantee if you follow SFMFPRO you will see results as long as you can apply the above.

Some examples of what I mean when you follow SFMFPRO based on the points I mentioned above:

  • When you build your website; you may need some extra time following some of the training on day 7 that shows you how to personalize your website and make it your own. You may need to spend some time there. So you can either do so or huff and puff and say its hard. (This is an example; NOT SAYING YOU ARE LIKE THAT AT ALL).
  • Your landing page you send traffic to from Google Ads; maybe it won't convert and you have to change the copy several times while being patient for days before you make the next change because you need to let Google collect data before you can confidently assume its not working. Now you can either wait; be patient; and follow along OR... you can huff and puff and and say this is hard. (Again its an example; NOT SAYING YOU ARE LIKE THAT AT ALL).
  • Your Google Ads campaign; maybe your YouTube ad (if thats what you decide to go with) SUCKS! Will you refine it? Will you make your audio better if it was bad? Will you optimize your message? Will you record several variations till you get it right? OR... Will you  huff and puff and say this is hard? (Again its an example; NOT SAYING YOU ARE LIKE THAT AT ALL).

Personally with my video ad; I made about 40+ variations and some variations I had versions of the same ad.

And I am a certified Google Ads expert. But again; this is what experts do. This is how you become an expert

Experts become experts because they are willing to go through the pain to make it work.

And this is EXACTLY what I teach you in every aspect of the 14 day challenge (SFMFPRO).


I do not beat around or waste time with motivational mumbo jumbo garbage.

I get to it and mold you into someone successful. Most importantly PROFITABLE!

But will you take the challenge and actually go through the heat in the most simplified way possible???

IF YES then SFMFPRO is Your Guardian Angel.