SFMF | I Purchased The Sell For Me Funnel Upgrade/s, Do I Still Need To Create A Landing Page/Squeeze Page/Optin Page?

No you do not need to create a landing page, we created it for you as part of the upgrade as you can see if you refer back to the confirmation email we sent you, you will find all the links you need to your funnel and everything else.

Also it is important to note that YES, squeeze page, optin page, and landing page all means the same thing and we created that for you. Just different names for the exact same outcome.

Most get confused about this as a result purchasing the upgrade/s but are still following the $10 training.

This is great to watch and learn from the the $10 training however you need to understand this:

Think of it this way; the $10 training is there assuming that you did not take up any upgrades and you had to follow the $10 training and learn what we did for you in the upgrade.

So you can say the upgrade is a manifestation of what Mike teaches you in the $10 training.

So as you watch the $10 training you are seeing how the training resembles what we built for you in the upgrades.

So since you have the upgrade you could skip he $10 training and follow the rest of the training starting from Bonus #1 which gets into talking about advertising the funnel we setup for you so you can start sending traffic to your funnel, generating leads, and earning commissions.