SFMF | I thought I was getting 8 funnels with the upgrade?

As exciting as 8 funnels may sound, let me tell you right now the idea is counterproductive, and unnecessary and I will explain why.

And also it is not what was promised in the SFMF $97 Upgrade ($197 Reg Price).

I promised 8 Funnels In 1

The concept is generating leads and making sales..

So generating leads and sending out emails about several offers to make money.

The idea is: the more offers you make the more money you make.

So having different landing pages for every single ClickBank product you sell is counter productive and a waste of money if you are building a list and selling products to them in that same category.

Since you are selling products in the eBusiness category, then it does make sense to build 8 lists in the eBusiness category.

If you were selling a makeup product and a self help product, then you MUST build 2 separate lists for each category.

You with me so far?

So the idea is:

$47 Upgrade ($97 Reg Price) = 1 landing page, and then promoting 1 product via followups

$97 Upgrade ($197 Reg Price) = 1 landing page, and then promoting 8 products via email followups.