SFMF | What Is My Total Investment Into Sell For Me Funnel If I Decide To Purchase Program And All Upgrades?

Here is a breakdown of total expense if you decide to invest into Sell For Me Funnel including all upgrades:

We start with the initial $10 training.

Next we have the upgrades which consist of 2 separate upgrades. You cannot purchase one without the other as they work in a hierarchy type.

Upgrade #1 is $47 Reg price is $97 

Upgrade #2 is $97 Reg price is $197

Assuming we calculate the full expense of the entire program assuming you would get the full program..

So it would cost you total of $154 USD. That includes the $10 training, $47 upgrade, and the $97 upgrade. This is it. NO other payments to us. These are onetime payments not recurring.

$10 + $47 + $97 = $154. If you are late and you would to get everything at the regular price then it would come up to $304. ($10 + $97 + $197 = $304).

Aside from that, you will need an autoresponder service like aweber.com Which is what we work with and recommend. You get 30 day free trial and then it is only $19/month.

In addition as you know, you have to advertise your business. (we offer full separate training on that and how to do it one you upgrade. You will a tab in the members area lebeled "Bonus #1" and this is where the traffic training start for the upgrade).

And for advertising, there is no set amount you have to spend that will ensure your success. How much you advertise depends on you and your budget. How much you spend is not the main factor, its the consistency. So you could spend $5 per day or $100 per day. As long you are consistent and you apply the training and you are always geenrating leads into the funnel we build for you, this is what matters most and that is consistency.