What is the total investment for SFMF PRO plus other expenses

The total investment to get into the SFMF PRO challenge is $997 (Reg Price $1,997) onetime payment (you save $200), or the payment plan of 3 payments of $399. (Reg Price: 4 payments of $597)

Other Expenses to make SFMF PRO work are:

  • Web hosting (ranges between $4 to $10 per month. If you choose to pay a longer term like 12 months or more, most companies offer massive discounts.

  • Domain name (about $10/year but some hosting companies offer free domain name with a hosting purchase)

  • an OptimizePress premium wordpress plugin. Your entire business will be built on the OptimizePress¬†platform.

  • Autoresponder $20/month
  • Expenses here and there throughout the challenge that are all optional will run you about $20

  • And ad spend: which you can literally start with $5-$10 per day.