SFMF PRO | I Installed WordPress Like SFMF PRO Teaches, But When I login To Wordpress.com, I Get Invalid Login Notice, Why Does This Happen?

This happens because wordpress.com has nothing to do with your WordPress.org install when following SFMFPRO.

There are 2 platforms: One is called wordpress.com, and the other is called wordpress.org.

The easiest way to tell the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is to remember . org provides advanced customization and monetization options. WordPress.com gives users a quick and easy way to get started for free and can expand to more custom paid options as they grow. [Cited From forbes.com].

Meaning; wordpress.org is the wordpress platform that you download for FREE and install on your own hosting platform. Ex: bluehost.com

This comes with a high level of security and autonomy over your work and business, unlimited customization, the freedom to use whichever plugin and tools you like and build your business your way. It provides a level of flexibility not available on wordpress.com

Also you are not bound to the rules and policies of wordpress.com when using .org, because you are hosting your own WordPress platform.

On the other hand, wordpress.com is hosted by wordpress, and they limit what you can do, share, write, and talk about.

Because wordpress.com needs to protect their community as you are not the only using it rather you're sharing the platform with others. This is not the case with wordpress.org.

It is the WordPress platform your are installing on your hosting meaning it is completely outside of the wordpress.com jurisdiction.

So when you install wordpress.org, it is not at all the same as creating a wordpress.com account, which is a blog account.

The two are completely separate to the point where they should NOT EVEN BE USED IN THE SAME SENTENCE TOGETHER.

Different platforms completely, and following SFMFPRO has nothing to do with ever logging into your website from wordpress.com

Having your own installed WordPress platform means: You login from your own domain name, which is connected to your web host, which has your wordpress platform installed on it that comes from wordpress.org and NOT wordpress.com.