SFMF PRO | What is the use of Wordpress themes or what are they?

So to understand this; you need to understand what Wordpress was created for in 2003.

Wordpress was originally created for bloggers. For people who want a place to write online.

Because Wordpress was open source; meaning developers can create and add plugins to it and use it for many different things (Same Idea as APPS for an iPhone); Wordpress morphed into something larger than one can imagine.

Knowing this allows us to now understand what themes are. Themes are just there because every Wordpress comes with a theme or themes (multiple). Themes are styles and designs for your overall look of your Wordpress website/blog...ONLY IF... you are actually using the theme.

But in our case we are NOT.. We are using OptimizePress.

OptimizePress was designed for 2 types of people:

People #1: For people who want to build awesome professional looking websites. You would use OptimizeBuilder for that.

People #2: For people who want to start a blog and have a nice looking blog. You would use Smart Theme for that.

In our/your case for SFMFPRO we are using OptimizeBuilder. And OptimizeBuilder overwrites any theme you have available or installed on your Wordpress website. So whether you have a new theme; old theme; outdated theme; will not make a difference. It is just there dormant and not being used at all because we are using OptimizeBuilder by OptimizePress.