SFMF PRO | I was rejected from Bluehost affiliate program. What do I do?

We are sorry you were rejected from Bluehost affiliate program. So you know this is normal and we get our affiliate applications rejected from various affiliate programs all the time from all different industries.

So essentially; almost all hosting companies offer same service and same features with their hosting plans.

This means you can potentially apply to any hosting's affiliate program, get your affiliate link and replace it with Bluehost. You can use the same landing page/s we setup for you to promote bluehost and just have it point to your new affiliate link for that new hosting company.

You can also take the bluehost email campaign we wrote for you, and since every company offers almost same features; you can use same email campaign; and where it says bluehost, you can replace it with the new company's information.

Good alternative companies to join their affiliate programs are:



Hope this information helps.