SFMF PRO | I keep getting Google AD recommendations; should I try them in my campaign?

From my personal experience; Google Ads recommendations usually results in spending more money without getting better results. This does not mean you should never test them or consider them. They are good but not always the case.

For me personally; I like to manage and analyze my own results without taking recommendatiosn from Google. You need to understand; those recommendations are populated by an algorithm that "THINKS" a specific suggestion may enhance your campaign. But it is not based on accurate data for the most part. Especially when your campaign is brand new.

Think of it this way. No one understands your business more than you. Therefore you should not let a robot suggest ideas for you.

Also understand; Google is a business as well. They are looking to maximize profits like any company should and they have every right to do so..

So YES they want their recommendations to help your campaign perform better. This way you spend more and get better results in return. From my experience; it is not always the case.

To conclude; I believe if you are going to test out their recommendations; you should at least wait until you have a working campaign that is performing well. Then consider testing their recommendations.

BUT; Do so with caution and do not agree/approve too many suggestions at once. You will throw the whole campaign off track.