SFMF PRO | Why you should keep your YouTube video ad above 60+ seconds in length.

Since YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts to the platform to compete with Instagram and Facebook reels. Google Ads then added Shorts tom the monetization list giving advertisers the opportunity to run paid ads on their videos as shorts only "IF THEY ARE 59 seconds or less".

As of now; the performance of shorts is. very weak. Therefore you do not want your YouTube video ad to run as a short. The best way to make this happen is following the 2 recommendations below.

Recommendation #1:

Record your video ad above 60 seconds. This ensures your Ad does NOT run as a short. Following the video ad scripts you are provided with in the member's area ensures you are above 60 seconds recording time even if you modify them. Of course it all depends on how fast or slow you record yourself as well.

Recommendation #2 (AVAILABLE IN THE TRAINING):

Step One: Go to your campaign settings.

Step Two: Click on "Advanced Settings"

Step Three: Under "Video Enhancements"; make sure you "UNCHECK" Allow Google to generate enhanced versions of your video

Uncheck Video Enhanced Option

Following the 2 recommendations above will ensure the best possibility of not running your video ad as a short which will then result in a better overall performance.

Side Note: Keep in mind that a small percentage of your video ad views and impressions will still come from shorts. You cannot stop this. But only a very small percentage as long as you follow the 2 recommendations above.