SFMF PRO | Why You Do Not Accept Access To My AWeber Account?

AWeber prohibits individuals from logging into someone else's account and obviously for security reasons. However AWeber understands the need to some times provide login access to others who are maybe assisting their clients or for various other reasons.

Because of this AWeber created a feature called "Team Hub".

Team hub allows you to invite other users via their email address and allow them access to your AWeber account with their own password.

However the other party must also have an AWeber account. Essentially the invited party will be using their login access to be able to normally access their account, and also your account since you gave them permission via Team Hub. And this permission can be revoked at any time.

Here is where the issue comes in. In the past we used to allow our customers to provide us with "Team Hub" access to their AWeber account.

However at the end when we were done in assisting them, they never revoked our access regardless how many times we asked them to. Some did, but majority (90%+) never did.

We also tried contacting AWeber to remove us but their policy also forbid them from doing so unless they get approval from the account holder who gave the permission. (This is part of their policy)

At this point, the account holder also never responds to AWeber either.

Over time, this has left us with login access to hundreds of customer accounts causing a potential security risk

Therefore, we have made it our policy to never accept login access or Team Hub access to anyone's AWeber account.

You may say: We promise to revoke your access after you help us?

Unfortunately we are running a business and we cannot operate under the premise of a promise to do something.

We have to have a policy and follow it across the board with everyone.

This is why we can NEVER accept anyone's login access. It is mainly to protect you, the account holder.

But, we are always to help you and assist you without the need to access your account at all.