Your Refund Policy Is A 30 Day Action Based Policy. What Does That Mean?

Here is what a 30 Day Action Based Refund Policy Means:

Its a 30 day refund policy but it is a 30 day action based refund policy.. This means that within 30 days you have to actually apply the training; applying what Mike teaches combined with your funnel which we setup for you.

If you do not get results; then just show us what you applied. As long as we can verify it and see you did what Mike teaches and you got no results; we will issue you a refund right away.

We do make sure that everyone agrees to this policy on the checkout page before making the purchase as you can see here:

30 Day Action Based Refund Policy Agreement

Because you need to understand, you are not paying for access to some training only.

You paid for training plus having us do the work for you. So we cannot just offer a refund for our work we did for you or about to do for you without a valid reason other than the fact that you just changed your mind and you want a refund all of the sudden.

If you think about it; It's a win win for you anyways. We protect ourselves and we ensure you get results.

By applying what Mike teaches and guaranteeing you get results keeps us accountable to you and this is great for you. if you do not see results, show us what you did, we will verify it, and issue you a refund right away..

In both instances you do not lose.. You either get results or your money back.

But you just have to apply the training and use the funnel. It is part of the agreement.

If you need further clarification, read our terms of service and privacy policy for Sell For Me Funnel.