REFUND: How The Refund Policy Works

We would be more than happy to refund you every penny back for the Sell For Me Funnel Training Program however certain terms do apply. Here is a breakdown.

For the $10 training

This runs on a goodwill structure where if you find our training useful, we appreciate it if you keep it and enjoy it without asking for a refund. However anytime you deem that this training is no longer suited for you, you can ask for a $10 refund. However if you upgrade, your $10 purchase rolls into the upgrade policy and any refund requested is now governed under the upgrade terms of service which is the 30-day action-based refund Policy explained below:

For The Upgrade Package:

On any Sell For Me Funnel upgrade packages, the refund policy is a 30 day action-based policy.

Meaning we require you to go through the program, fill out the form in the members area and allow us to build your sales funnel we promised to build for you.

Then follow our training to get results online.. If what we teach you to do does not get you any results, then we can refund your total purchase back.. (we track the video streams or our training in the members area and also we can see via the analytics tracker if you actually sent traffic to your funnel), because this is the only way you will get results.

So if you need a refund, you must first login, follow our training, and let us build your sales funnel.. If you don't see any results from the work we did for you, then we refund your money back.. So technically we both win, or you win (get a refund) and we lose..

So you have nothing to lose in a sense..

Hope this makes sense..


If you need further clarification, read out terms of service and privacy policy for Sell For Me Funnel.