SFMF | About email follow-ups: Does the system stop sending email follow-ups after once they reach the last email? Or will it keep sending out emails indefinitely?

Every subscriber that joins your list will go through the followup sequence no matter when they optin.

Whether it is a 30 day email follow-up, 7 day, 10 days, it does not matter.

Your email follow-ups are concurrent; and they continue to be sent out for every subscriber at any level regardless when they optin to  your list.

So in reality the the number of days you have an email follow-up sequence written for is just a number.

Hence; this does not mean if someone joins your list today they get Ex: 30 days of emails and if someone joins tomorrow they get 29 days of emails.

They all get all the followups regardless when they optin to your list. And the more followups you add (if you do) the more emails all subscribers would receive.

In the training under the section "Make More Money" Mike teaches how to add more follow-ups to your sequence.