SFMF & SFMF PRO | How Much $$$ Do I Need To Spend On Advertising To Make This Much $$$?

If you like the honest truth about advertising in any business, then please keep reading...

This is the question that confuses most people.

It would be "a dream come true" if anyone can know exactly how much to spend on advertising and exactly what your Return-On-Investment (ROI) would be.

This is a very annoying question because an answer to it will never exist in any business online.

Traffic fluctuates, the market changes hour to hour, and each day is a different day in the advertising world..

THE SECRET SAUCE TO IT IS CONSISTENCY. I will explain further...

It is not about how much you spend rather it is about consistency.

So whether you spend $5, $10 per day "which is what I recommend starting out" or you spend $500 per day...the question is: How long can you do it for???????

So for example: If you are going to spend $100 per day but you can only do it for 7 days then you're tapped out, it would be best to just not do it.

It would be much better, more effective, and you will be more successful if you are able to instead spend $10 per day on ads but keep them running for 6 months.

Because consistency is everything. Consistency builds MOMENTUM and when you get momentum, thats when sales start coming in CONSISTENTLY.